Why Zinc?

Zinc in an architectural applicationFor starters, it’s a natural material that’s found in abundance; the 24th most abundant element in Earth’s crust.  (Wikipedia).  The process of galvanizing (zinc coated) has been common for extending the life of various metals for many years.  If galvanization extends a material’s life – imagine if 100% zinc was used..

  • Its long service life – 80-100 years on a wall and 2-300 years on a roof; we’re talking generations!  Click here for a great testimonial on a roof that only needed to be partially re-roofed after 120 years of service.  Now, not all zinc is created equal so make sure you are getting Architectural Grade zinc (ASTM B69-13).
  • It’s environmentally friendly.  You won’t see this in a landfill any time soon since it’s recyclable – an infinite amount of times – without losing its properties.
  • The surface is self-healing.  Since architectural zinc is an alloy through and through, if it gets scratched, it will repatina after repeated cycles of wetting and drying.